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Grace Hawthorn

Actor, Screenwriter, Filmmaker

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About me:

I'm a Canadian (from Toronto), now living in LA to defrost. I'm passionate about storytelling, good food, and discovering new adventures.

My goal as an artist is to bring my own unique voice and the Canadian creative spirit to the rest of the world.

Fun tidbits: My pronouns are she/they. My current obsessions are: googly eyes, disco balls, and dark green. When I'm not working I can be found spending time with my cats, painting, reading, or hiking.

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"When it comes to art, it's important not to hide the madness."

~ Atticus

My Upcoming Films

Black Left Arrow

to forever,

(rough concept still)

in production

Black Left Arrow

Last Stop Motel

proof of concept in pre-production

Black Left Arrow

Reflections (short)

in pre-production

My Available Projects

blood splatter
Black Left Arrow

Last Stop Motel

Pink Flamingo Printed Paper

- 1/2 hour drama/thriller series

The Last Stop Motel is truly the last place anyone would want to be. Something the young caretaker "George" is incredibly aware of. When a new guest shows up - and ticks all her boxes - sparks fly. But in this desolate wasteland, are new things too good to be true?

Black Left Arrow

Daughters of Magic

- hour long fantasy/dramedy

Three young witches have to discover their true potential while dodging religious witch killers, power hungry mothers, and romantic entanglements... all while living in a world that is one hairsbreadth away from all out war.

Fire Flame
Black Left Arrow

The Retreat

- thriller feature

A writer takes a retreat to a small unassuming town to clear her head after the success of her debut novel - and find inspiration for her next. She quickly finds herself in over her head when she uncovers a dark secret the town is desperately hiding: a dangerous cult led by the sweet, charismatic mayor’s wife. A woman willing to do whatever it takes to keep her town absolutely perfect in every way.

Black Left Arrow

Camp Riverwood

- hour long dramedy of apocalyptic proportions

A group of counselors expecting a fun kid free prep week as they gear up for another fun summer at Camp Riverwood find their plans quickly changing as the apocalypse hits - and they must now figure out how to survive.

& more...

To me, storytelling is the urge to communicate paired with the need to create.

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Camp Riverwood - Pilot

- 1 hour apocalyptic dramedy


- Thriller, optioned


- 1 hour Fantasy/Dramedy


- 1/2 hour drama/thriller

- proof of concept in pre-production


writer, director, producer

- romance/Drama, in pre-production

TO FOREVER, - Short film

co-writer, director, producer

- Coming of Age drama - in post


full resume available on request


Graphic designer - pitch decks, posters, mood boards

~ Freelance - August 2022-present

Director/Producer's Personal Assistant

~ Paul Lynch - February 2022-Present

Director/Producer’s Personal Assistant

~ RCR Cinema - March 2022-June 2022

Screenwriter's Assistant

~ John Wikstrom - December 2021-January 2021

Production Assistant

~ Freelance - March 2019-May 2020


American Academy of Dramatic Arts (2018-2021)

~ Associates of Occupational studies/Advanced training

University of Windsor (2016-2018)

~ BFA Acting

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Get in touch

I am available for staffing, writing assignments, pitch deck design, and acting work

(resume & reel available on request)!




Jo-Ann Carol

Vesuvian Media Group / GH Literary

Creative Executive & Literary Manager

818-288-3001 / 615-447-8444